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We all have parts of ourselves or our lives that is dysfunctional in some way and I am always looking for new ways to help make life easier... to help you find that 'work-around' that is best for you... to help you take the focus off of your UN / DIS / IN-Ability ... and Create a LIVE-Ability!

... and because of that - this Site is subject to further tinkering periodically. Remember to check back with me frequently and see what new products and services are discovered.
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Conversation Bingo
A multi-phase Bingo Game
for Conversational and
Social  Skills practice
uKno-dAt Bingo
An Academic Bingo Game
for Grades 6-8
and students
with Special Needs
New Products and Services
Eye-see Math Trainers

... for the Visual Learner
Free Stuff:
Cognitive Language Development
for Students with Learning Disabilities
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