We all have parts of ourselves or our lives that is dysfunctional in some way
and I am always looking for new ways to help make life easier...
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FLIPmath Concepts (set of 5)
Zmath practice sheets
mathFACTS Flash cards
IC-math Groupers
YoGLiN School
NO-FAIL Curriculum for
College coursework (non-accredited)
and Independent Living Skills...
If you dont get it right the first time...
... keep studying.
MS Office Suite:(each is a separate course)
* Word
* Powerpoint
* Excel
* Desktop Publishing w/Word
* Publisher
Medical Terminology 1 and 2
Records Management
Mapping and Navigation
** Let me know what YOU want to see in the lesson plans.

... to help you take the focus off of your UN / DIS / IN-Ability
... and Create a LIVE-Ability!
To help you find that 'work-around' that is best for you
All Subjects :
* are based upon existing college and private coursework,
* have been restructured for information retention,
* and are self-paced to help alleviate cognitive confusion and time-crunch anxiety.